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order timeline

First appointment - Discuss design, materials and pricing


We will be discussing the design of your dream gown. You will be offered to take a look and try various sample dresses (based on availability) in order to see what style and design fits your best. To help you better visualize I will draw a sketch for you as we discuss. After we decide on design, you will get to choose between different fabrics and linings, veil can be discussed at this point, however we don’t have to decide since this can wait until later stages. Next step will be taking your measurements. I can assure this will be a worry free process for you as I work very closely with my customers, you will be kept informed along each step of the way. I promise you will look stunning and gorgeous in your beautiful dress on your unforgettable day.


Payment process:

Once we agree on design and fabric I will collect 50% from the total price of your gown. This is required in order to purchase materials and start the process. 

The Price of your garment will depend on design, quality of fabric (polyester, silk), lace, crystals (Swarovski, other brands) or beads, applications and more. As a shopper I understand the importance of setting the price expectation and for that reason I will list some pricing info below

  • Wedding gown - $3,000 and up

  • Evening gown - $1,500 and up

  • Bridesmaid - $700 and up

  • Flower girl - $300 and up


Second appointment - Initial fitting


During this appointment you will see the “skeleton” of your dress (don’t be scared :) !!!), this is just the base of your dress where we will correct the patterns to make sure it sits well and fits your body. I will ask you to bring your  bra, shapewear or anything that is applicable, if you have your shoes by then please bring them with you. No shoes - not a big deal, just bring any pair that is in your possession with the same heel height. We will make all necessary adjustments and corrections, and now we are ready to cut some lace and fabric. This would be the perfect time to make some last moment minor design changes, because the further we proceed with your dress, the harder it will get to make significant changes.


Third and fourth appointment - Second and third fitting


At this point you will start seeing more of a gown, we can begin decorating with lace and/or appliqués. We will keep working on the fit of your gown, making any adjustments. Please bring your shoes so we can address the length of the gown.


Fifth appointment - Fourth and possibly final fitting 


Hooray!!! This is the most wonderful time, when you get to see your dress 90%-100% ready! We will make sure it sits and fits you well and most importantly your smile and satisfaction! Please keep in mind that some embellishments such as crystal, stones or appliqués are hand made or have to be hand sewn or glued and therefore additional time maybe required. In case the gown is ready for pick up, final payment must be submitted at this point and you leave with a gown of your dreams. :))


Please Note The Following:


  • Number of appointments/fittings can vary based on design, fabric and mainly your satisfaction which is my top priority.

  • It is crucial to attend all fittings simply because I won’t be able to move forward with your dress unless we try it from time to time :) and stick to the timeline, I promise to do my best to accommodate your busy schedule!!!

  • If you live far away or decide to fly in from a different state, we can do multiple fittings in one day, meaning we try it on, I work on it while you relax and we try it again after a few hours. Options are endless so do not be discouraged by the fact that you may live far away, it can still work.

  • The timeline for custom order garment is 2-5 months, this includes all the logistics such as materials availability and any shipping delays (especially at this time when Covid has changed the way things worked before), on the good note if all materials are available we can do with within a month!!!

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