Wedding&Evening&FlowerGirls Gowns/Accessories/

Q: I would like to order one of your garments, what should i start with?

A: First of all i will need your measurements, i do recommend to use a professional for that matter. In case you   prefer doing it yourself, i will provide you with a list of instructions on what should be done. If you are in NYC area i will be more than happy to take the measurements myself.

Q: How long it takes to make a Flower Girl dress?

A: It usually takes between 3-5 weeks once i have the measurements. 

Q: How long it takes to make a wedding dress?

A: It usually takes between 2-4 month, depends on design, fabric and my schedule. IF you need it sooner please contact for more details.

Q: Can you make a custom design to fit my needs?

A: Yes i can.

Q: What kind of fabric do you use?

A: Baby-toddler dresses are made from a high quality organic/ regular cotton. Flower Girl and Wedding gowns are made from silk or polyester (depends on your request). 

Q: Where do you make your products?

A: I make everything in my studio in New York, USA.

Q: Do you ship internationally? What is the cost?

A: Yes, international shipping is available, keep in mind that you might be responsible for your local taxes and fees collection. Please send me your exact address and i will provide you with the price.